Wednesday, September 17

a creative mess

I never got around to paint yesterday, I was sick and I still am...Instead I'll show you a bit embarrassing picture and some new ATC's!

Here I am, crafting away. I didn't even see when Mr J took this picture! I've been very inspired by paper craft lately and if I can muster up some strength I'll do some more ATC's today!
I've forgot to tell you that I have started my ceramics class again. On Monday I had my first class! And we now have a new clay, a nice smooth white porcelain clay. I've collected lots of inspiring shapes from nature and started to make light holders. We'll see if they turn out to be good...Any how, Ceramic Tuesdays will be back soon!


Gunnels blog said...

Så fina ATC och inte är bilden på dig i skapartagen skämmig, tvärtom! Så kul att du har börjat på keramik igen, jag blev nästan sugen på det när jag var på silverlera kursen i en keramiklokal.
Kry apå dig, själv är min förkylning inne på tredje veckan nu. fy!

Cecilia said...

tack, Gunnel! Vi har prata om att göra en silverlera kurs här i höst också. Men det är väldigt dyrt och jag är inte säker på att jag blir nöjd med resultatet.Det blev väldigt fint det som du gjorde i silverlera, var det mycket svårt?

Anonymous said...

I love those ATC's and that is my favorite thing right now...I would like to take a ceramics class but my swedish is not good enough and 90% of what they would say to me would be lost, lol! Gina

Anonymous said...

I forgot to ask, where did you find the paper lace on the ATC's? I have looked forever and am using up my supply of hand made spets! Gina

Cecilia said...

The paper lace is from pandurohobby and you could get it in different sizes. I love it and use it in all my collages at the moment:-)


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