Tuesday, September 23

FAA Parcel White & neutral

Here's the parcels that I'm sending out today. Loved putting these together, it's so easy when you like the colour combination. I have so much that are white or neutral coloured and I had them ready weeks in advanced. That never happens!
Today I have a lot to do. I have to get the painted furniture from my mothers to our apartment, paint some more thing I found! Get some more parcels ready and do the last ATC's...But it's all craft related things!

As soon as I have everything in place I'll take photos of our home. It's still not quite yet finished but we are getting there. We've been living here since February and it takes time if you don't want to buy everything new. And we don't... I still don't have curtains in every room! So much to do! :-)

See more tomorrow!

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