Wednesday, September 3

More wreaths

Yesterday I had my day off again and spent it at my mothers crafting. This time I made a wreath but from rosehips. Here's a little picture list on how to make them:The berry of your choice may it be rosehip or rowanberries
You also need a sturdy steel wire and some pliers to make the shape you want. Here I made a heart with a little loop where the ends meet. This is both for assembling the ends and when you're are finished, to hang from. You also need a good cup of tea...;-)
Start slipping the berries on. When you are finished make a new little loop and join the two loops together. You can see it better in the heart wreath. To top of the wreath use a nice ribbon or as shown here, thicker hemp thread. (I couldn't find a better English word for it)
A nice red heart to all of you!

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