Thursday, September 4

Mail goodies!

Tuesday morning was a good morning. I got two lovely parcels in the mail, filled with new great things! The last numbers, letters and words FAA parcel arrived, with a nice selection of fabrics and letters to put on ATC's:
And a PIF- parcel from Finland that is beyond words. I don't think I have received a parcel this great in a long time! The theme was vintage (which I love) and all the stuff was just great! See more picture of it here!

If you have some time to spare do a test!
Tomorrow it's Friday!


Felicia said...

What a fabulous package!

hautemommy said...

Ooooh what great packages to come in the mail!! I need to finish my swaps so I start getting some things in the mail other than BORING junk haha!! :) Enjoy all your goodies, xo!


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