Saturday, December 20

God Jul & Gott nytt år alla!

this is my last post for 2008. I just want to say Thank you to all how have commented and I've gotten to know over the year. You very often make my day! Thank you!
I leave you with a picture of our lonely little kitty
and a blossoming Amaryllis!

Have a merry Christmas and
a happy new year!

See yo in 2009!


em said...

God Jul & Gott Nytt År! /Emma

Karin said...

God jul! Hoppas ni får det fint på resan!!

memmu said...

God Jul, Cecilia :)!

Miss*Laurence said...

Happy New year as well! Happiness, craft and health! Hope all is going well for you- we are getting snow here in the UK so it's a cool 2009.

Mia said...

Vilket vackert kattfoto! :) Hoppas du får ett riktigt bra 2009!


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