Saturday, August 11

Crafting like a crazy woman

I'm crafting like a crazy woman again...J is gone for the weekend and we are leaving for Denmark on Tuesday and I have a lot of things that has to be done by then. So now I'm really on a crafting roll. Friday meant last day at work and saying goodbye to a lot of cute children and receiving some lovely gifts! It also meant no more commuting between two countries and two parts of who I am.
speaking two different languages in one day some times made me feel divided and split and I realized that I had become more Swedish over the last couple of years than I really wanted. It feels sad but no one can have two identities and still be sane:-) or can they?
But I guess that is why I create and craft so much, to keep me sane. I always come back to that: crafting to keep sane...

Today I made two parcels for a swap over at swap-bot called Handmade Happiness Swap:

A yellow parcel with earrings and a bracelet and two bookmarks. I also included two postcards just for extra!

And a pink parcel with the same content but different colours. Both of my swap partners loved reading and I love making bookmarks...
Blogging on a Saturday...that's not really like me...:-) But I have so much to show you!


tyn said...

those look great!!

Gunnels blog said...

Hej Cecilia!

Tack för titten hos mig och hälsningen! Ser att du är på gång, för fullt! Jag har mycket att ta igen med att titta på olika bloggar!


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