Thursday, August 2

Tag art!

Remember the post about crafting with clothes tags? I still collect tags and make collages out of them. And to show you something my mother made this a while back, it's mostly made out of tags but there are also some other elements in the collage.

An inspiring tag collage made by my mother and some of her tags.
At the moment I'm crafting a lot! I love coming home from work and sitting down with a project, it helps me relax and think of other things than work. But since I'm working on so many projects at the same time nothing seems to ever be finished! Now I have a deadline; I have to be finished with most of the things until the 14 of august. That's the day we are leaving for our holiday and then I'll be gone for about three weeks. No blogging or swapping during that period, just crafting:-)
This weekend I'm going thrift shopping!! have a good weekend!

1 comment:

Sara said...

så dåligt att du inte kom på en låt! ;P Hoppas du får en fin helg.. Kanske kan ses nått snart iaf. Puss


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