Monday, August 6

Good Monday

Hope everyone have had a good weekend! The count down is starting for me, a week left at work and then vacation! This weekend we had a visitor and that resulted in a lot of meals out and since the weather was great a ice crème or two! ;-)

I also managed to visit two different flea markets in one day! I got a lot of nice things!
Look here:

A lovely old tin box for all my crafty supplies!
A bag full of old sewing thread, metal things to put on ACT's and little buckles?

Mmm, what lovely colours!

These are just some of the finds, I also found two different kinds of fabric but the photograph was so bad I'll have to show it when I've made something out of them...

Have a good Monday night!

1 comment:

Felicia said...

Love your new treasures :) I'll bet you can't wait for the week to be over!


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