Wednesday, August 8

Gordon Walters goes crafty

I'm in a monthly group over at flickr called the "Around the world chunky page swap"
every moth we have a new theme for our pages and this time the theme was art or an artist that inspires you. This is what inspired me:
Last year I studied art history in New Zealand and there I came a cross the kiwi painter Gordon Walters. I loved his abstract forms and went a cross the country looking in every little gallery that had his paintings. There is something with his clean cut lines that speaks to me and learning about the person behind the art was even more intriguing. He was a great modernist abstract painter but since he lived in New Zealand (Far away from Europe and Us where all the new and hip things where happening) he studied abstract painter like Picasso only from books. It took many years before he travelled to Europe and saw the great painting for the first time.

My chunky pages this month are inspired from Gordon Walters Koru works. A koru is the Maori name for a unfurling fern and it symbolizes new life, growth and strength and peace.
Of course, I made mine more crafty than high art but that is what I do. By mixing the clean lines with lovely patterned papers I have made them something typical for me.
On the back, I put together a little text about the pages and about Gordon Walters, I also printed out a picture of some of his works from the Koru series.

If there is some visitors from the artful blogger party, you are very welcome here to my little blog. I don't have a tutorial to show you but would very much like to know if you have a artist or a special era that inspires you in your everyday art?

Have a great evening and enjoy the party!


Lina said...

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog!! I love your book, i make mini books too!! I am very inspired by other artists and really any era...i love pulp art, pinup art and pop art. That doesnt mean it always translates into MY artwork though, lol....great blog by the way, look forward to reading more!

KagedFish said...

What a question!! So many artists and so many era's inspire me there is not enough time or space on this computer to list all, I guess I'm easily inspired?? Your little books are wonderful!! Happy bloging!!

Miss*Laurence said...

Hello! I had never heard of Walters before, it made me think of Eischer. I love Klimt, especially his filling in technique with geometrical shapes and gold leaf.

Michelle said...

I love this idea! ALL my Altered journals come out chunky and I think this would be a great swap to do!

I am easily inspired by other artist and their passion.

tyn said...

Really beautiful pages!!


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