Tuesday, February 19

Ceramic Tuesday

I haven't had ceramic Tuesdays in ages. But I started my ceramic class as usual this semester. I've been more productive these first couple of classes than I was all last semester. I've promised myself that I'm going to be more careful and don't finish so fast. I can sometimes be very inpatient in the process and then often be dissatisfied with the result. This little lady is not very pretty but I'm very pleased with how she came out :-)


Miss*Laurence said...

She is really great, the proportions are really good, and she could be a real person - not perfect but loveable.I have realised recently that there is so much that can go wrong in depicting a body, obviously you've had great training!

Cecilia said...

Exactly, not prefect but lovable! There is a bigger challenge in depicting the human body with flaws that a "perfect" body. I love my little lady.


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