Saturday, February 2


OK, we have now moved out of the old apartment. So we only have one apartment to think about. But the new place still looks like a mess...we now have one room where we have the computer, a bed and it's all clean. When you open the door out to the rest of the apartment you are meet with a miserable sight and on top of that, everything is covered with building dust!
well, I guess we'll survive this:-)

Here's the calender spread for February that I made for my mother as a Christmas gift. I'm hoping to do more blogging this month than I did in January. Take care all you nice people out there!


Miss*Laurence said...

That reminds me to make a calendar too, I've been posting notes on the fridge all month instead!
Still, now you can arrange your new place as you like.

Kaisa (aka kaizuliina at flickr) said...

Hello my neigbour! :) I found your blog today and I'm going to link it to my blog. Nice to read what happens in your life.
We are moving too at wednesday. It's a little bit mess here too!


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