Friday, February 22

A day with my mother

The last day of spring/winter break I spent with my mother, in Copenhagen! We went shopping, had some good tea and an even better lunch. I bought a beautiful dress form Noa noa for a wedding we are attending later this spring. (you'll see pictures later when I have the complete outfit ready) Some little things for my craft room and a new electric water boiler for the kitchen! From this British company.

This is inside the wonderful store filled with fabric swatches and fabric rolls. It's a miracle that I didn't buy anything in here. I guess there was just too much!
Fabric! Fabric! Fabric!
Me and my mother walking with our shopping bags!
A little spring inspiration!
We had tea at a Japanese tea house in the middle of Copenhagen. I had a lovely white tea and a chocolate tart! On the train home I read about this exact tea house in a magazine and there was the website as well!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend!

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