Tuesday, February 26

Ceramic Tuesday

I made a new pair of light holders last Monday. This is made in a new clay, a paper clay which is thinner and really easy to work with. With this clay you can make little delicate things and i love how the "walls" look a little bent and and irregular. Because the clay is so thin it's hard to get the glaze to stick to the clay, that explains the grainy look.

This is all for me!


Felicia said...

Love them :)

Miss*Laurence said...

That's an intersting material - it comes in sheets then does it? Do you know if it would be OK air dried?

Cecilia said...

No, not this clay. It's similar to normal stoneware clay and has to be fired in the oven. It's made out of newspapers and you can see the paper fibres when working with it. It's still a new material to me and I'm not familiar with bit yet!


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