Tuesday, July 29

Home made ice tea

I thought I'd share a recipe on some home made ice tea I've been making these hot days. It's one without sugar and other chemical additives and fresh taste! The recipe is really easy! I read it in a magazine a long time ago and then when I couldn't find the magazine again I just throw something similar together and it tastes great!

  • Make a pot of herbal tea (My choice was a Lemon and Ginger scented Chamomile tea)
  • Honey (add the honey before the tea cools down)
  • Fresh lemon balm
  • 1 Lime
  • Ice cubes
Let the tea and honey cool down before adding the freshly chopped lemon balm and lime slices. the good thing about this is that you can add as much/little honey you like. In my opinion if you don't make this so sweet is has a really fresh taste to it! Add the ice cubes on serving!

Let me know if you have another great recipe on ice tea that you would like to share!

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hautemommy said...

Ooooh yum, I might have to make a pot of that soon!! I love that it is so natural, without chemicals, which I am so trying to avoid!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment, I find most of my photos through Flickr, but I take some myself. All the blue doors are from Flickr though, I can't take credit for those haha!! Hope you are having a lovely day, xo!


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