Friday, July 25

Meet Picasso!

I'm going to be real quick here today, because we have a new addition to our little family:Picasso
He is the cutest little striped tiger I have ever seen! We got him yesterday, but he seems to have adjusted quite OK already! Here's a few picture of him, but if you need to see more you can always go to my flickr :-)

I feel like making some changes here on the blog, both exterior and interior. I want the blog to be a little more about my life in whole and not just my crafting life. Do you have any suggestions? Always happy to hear your thoughts!


Karin said...

Vilken sötnos!!

hautemommy said...

OMG! That last photo is SO CUTE!!!! I just LOVE kittens, so I am so darn jealous of you right about now haha!! Our youngest cat is a year old and he is already HUGE! Have fun with him, he is so darling!

Cecilia said...

I like huge cats too! :-)


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