Wednesday, July 30

PIF- Swap

PIF- Swap
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I'm in a new swap...:-) The pay if forward swap. There's a group on flickr where you can sigh up, you list ten crafting items that you would like to receive and the person signing up after you sends you at least five of those ten things. So this time I only made one parcel and I'm not really allowed to post about it just yet. I'm supposed to wait until the parcel arrives...but I can't wait...!
tomorrow is the last day for signing up for the august PIF- swap, head over here if you would like to join!

Tomorrow me and Picasso is going to the vet for the first time, keep your fingers crossed for us! :-)

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Sara said...

Hej! Om man vill ha bra och billigt garn i olika färger, var hittar man det? :)


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