Wednesday, July 23

seasonal fruits and wardrobe remix...

It's the berry picking season now, I've read so many blog posts about picking seasonal fruits and berries!. I too went raspberry picking the other day , with my mother and brother and now the healthy week just continue with raspberry smoothies and pies (made without any butter or sugar!) It's such a good feeling knowing that you have the fridge full of good healthy things that your picked yourself (I know, I'm starting to sound like a heath freak...) I'll shut up now and you can look at my pictures instead!

Hallon: Raspberries in Swedish
Here what we picked, 10 kilos! (5 of those are mine)
We actually went to the same place last year, but then it was raining! See here I even blogged about it!
Here's what I'm wearing! :-) Red wellies and jeans with a top! Go see it here, I want to post more pic of my clothes, I've recently joined some wardrobe remix groups over at flickr and found it more inspiring looking at real people and their clothes than fashion magazines. Maybe some pic will even go up here!?

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