Friday, October 17


It's Friday and a lot of things is happening this weekend! Tomorrow the whole family is going away on spa. One day and one night with a facial and bathing and sauna. And perhaps a yoga in the morning!? I love spa, don't you? And then on Sunday my aunt all the way from Holland is visiting for a couple of days. Which is fun, but means that we have to clean the apartment...I should probably start...

And don't hate me for this, but in my embroidery spell last week I also did some Christmas motifs...Yes, I know it' just October but I couldn't help myself. Here they are:

I wish yo the best weekend!


ArtsyMama said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. So glad you're going to join in the Autumn Gathering. Absolutely a fall post will be wonderful!!

Karin said...

Fina, jag tycker speciellt om den i mitten! Ha det så trevligt på spa! :)


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