Friday, October 31

Some whining and an actual question?

Ok, this is the last day of my fall break and I have a lot to do... We are going away to Mr J's parents this weekend and Picasso is spending the weekend at my mothers. Which he is not at all a posed fact he loves it there. Other cats and a garden to run in. Who can blame him?
Before I go ahead with my busy day, I have some problems that I would like to air with you.

I buy to much stuff that I don't need. How do I stop? It's a question I often come back to. I don't like that I can't go into a store or on-line shop and not buy anything! I know this is luxury problem and still it's a problem to me....We live in a world full with over consumerisms and I don't want to be in it! I've tried over the two years that I've had this blog to go on buying stops but I can never keep it!
And of course I'm only talking about buying stuff that I don't need. I have a craft supply that fills out a big room, so I don't need more of that...And for clothes...well, the only thing I really need is a warm wither jacket...or do I? I still have the one from last year...Well, well, I going to try it again: I'm not going buy anything unnecessary in a month!
If it sounds like I'm whining, just stop reading....

I didn't need them but they where so pretty and I've been eyeing them for loooong: A pair of wrist worms from Sandra Junto

How do you do it? Do you do it?

The other thing is a problem of another sort. I'm trying to figure out how to promote myself and my store on etsy in the best way. I have had it for a year and only sold about four or five items. Etsy is a big place and you easily get lost amongst all the great sellers that are there. I've been looking at different groups but haven't found a group that would fit me. How do you promote your etsy it you have one?


Karin said...

Thought I'd offer my 2 cents on this.. I've been thinking about it a lot too. First of all, i don't really believe in "buying stops", I just don't think going "cold turkey" is going to work for most of us. For me it's been more of a gradual process. But the first step is definitely to limit your temptations! At the start of this year I had a couple of rough months economically, so I virtually stopped going to the malls etc. Then when things got a bit better I went again, and found that I didn't feel nearly as tempted as I had before. You just need to get out of the habit of "routine shopping". Also, there's lots of anti-consumerism books and websites, they sometimes cheer me up when I'm in shopping withdrawal... is warmly recommended! :) And remember that guilt is never constructive!

Babz said...

Hey hun ;)
Like Karin I'd like to give my 2 cents to what its worth hehe. As far as spending and buying everything you desire...heres my shop haha no really. I dealt with this recently and what I have done is really ask myself do I need it? where will I put it? and how much use am i going to get out of it? I was a spend aholic up until about 2 months ago. If I went to the store and I wanted it I didn't think twice about getting it (this was also an online buying addiction too) Now I really think about each purchase before going ahead with it. And when I go to the craft store I may put a lot of things in my buggy but always end up putting things back. The key is THINK BEFORE YOU BUY :D

Im sorry if this becomes a blog entry on your blog LOL.

As far as etsy...a few tips... brush up on your tags. Go to the gift guide section on etsy and find the sections that go with your item and add some tags. Example your pincushions you could add (craft supply, home decor, autumn, fall, woodland, fabric, ornament, christmas, gift, stocking stuffer)
This I think has helped in my sales and it will show up in more searches plus you might get added to the gift guide section ;) or treasury. Remember that searches are a key on etsy. It's the way people find your item. Without the right tags your item won't be found or seen.

Another thing your description could show the size in inches and centimeters and make it a little fun and let people know what they can use it for? Those apple pincushions are so darn cute and I think they could be a hit!

I personally don't do any promoting for my shop. I list the link on my flickr and new blog but outside of that I do not do anything else. Just add my listing with appropriate title and tags.

Just a few tips for you and hope they help ;) Good Luck!!


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