Thursday, December 18

Christmas giving

I've wrapped all the gifts and this is how they look this year, red/bronze/brown and red hearts. This is how they looked last year!

As all the rest of the Christmas dec, Picasso thinks they are funny to play with. Let's just hope they look like this on Saturday when we are playing.

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester and all the student have prepared a Christmas cabaret. After that all the teacher meet up for "fika" and the we all go on Christmas break !

The other day when I meet one of my student on the bus, I said to her: Now it's only two days until Christmas break!
She looked at me funny and said: Are you counting down the days for the break?
My question is: Aren't teachers allowed to do that?

Well well, have a great Thursdays night! I'm going to go and pack the rest of my stuff!

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Catrin said...

Jag ser att du har satt på fina röda järtan på dina paket. Jag har sparat alla som satt på mina paket. Hoppas att julklappsleken blir rolig och at ni får en mysig resa. Kram Kram


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