Sunday, December 7

Christmas market

Today we went to a Christmas market here in town. It wasn't dark (surprise surprise) and there was no snow but the right Christmas feeling still got to me! We looked all kinds of beautiful decorations and tried all kinds good of food.
Surprisingly I didn't buy so much. A tasty sausage, some good bread and chocolates. That's all!
Today I also brought in the Christmas trees! Yes, plural. A couple of weekends ago we spent some days in a cottage in the woods. I brought with me two small trees to plant in a pot. I'll show you this week as soon as the darkness will allow it!

Happy second advent!

1 comment:

em said...

Fina bilder!

Vi var oxå på julmarknad idag men här i Umeå är det massor av snö och mörkt redan kl två :)


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