Monday, December 1

Going Christmas crazy

It's the 1 of December and the last month of the year is here!! Finally it's here and I can let out all my Christmas crafting! We had a perfect afternoon at my mothers yesterday. Crafting and celebrating 1th advent. Here are some of the picture from yesterday:

This is my mothers advents candlestick, with moss and white candles and numbers. Simple yet beautiful!
We made wreaths...
and almond and nougat candy (Mr j's contribution)
I made the numbers for my candles myself. Easy, with some steel wire. Unfortunately I can't show you my advent candlestick because all the picture I took of it turned out really bad. I'll show you tomorrow!
here's my brothers girlfriend candlestick! Cute with the berries and cinnamon sticks
This is the mess we made!

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