Monday, December 8

Monday the 8th

Monday the 8th and I have started the countdown for our departure to Malaysia...As much as I love my job and decorating for Christmas, I need a break, a nice and long one! But before I go away on my trip I'm going to show you something here everyday. Today is the last pictures from the nice crafting from nature decorations that we made a couple of weeks ago:
a heart wreath made from moss both green and white and twigs with blue berries on.
and of course an amaryllis, a true Christmas flower with a little wreath and a red Christmas heart. This was so simple to make and looked to great!

The Christmas monster has stroked again...This time he broke one of the tree ornaments and dug a big hole in the pot where the little Christmas tree is....There was soil everywhere! Do you want him?


Karin said...

Superfint hjärta! Och jag är SÅ avis på er som ska åka bort... Även om julen är fin så är det aldrig fel med långsemester!

em said...

Jättefina grejor du har pysslat med :O)

Låter härligt med semester...


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