Wednesday, March 21

The tea party continues!

As an afternoon snack I'm having apple slices and rhubarb tea in gigantic cup! I would also like to share a couple of pages of my inspiration book that fits the theme of today. Recipes of lovely cookies and other goodies but since most of them are in Danish or Swedish I'll have to give you the recipes a day when I have baked them myself so that I cane show how you make them.
In Danish they are called Napoleons hats and potato cake...and they are a bit difficult to make yourself....but I could buy them;-)
Here are a place to get inspiration to make a tea cosy, I mingled with her at the tea party!
Now I'm off to mingle some more!

Here I'm having tea with Kari! ;-)
To fit the pictures into one page in my book I folded the text like an accordion so that you just can fold the recipe out when ever you are using it.
It's almost enough to just look at the, I think I'll have to make some! ;)


Sugar Bear said...

Great photos! They look good enough to eat! -Karla

gudrun said...

Heisan. Så koselig selskap du har her. :)

dede warren said...

everything looks so yummy, i think i'll stay for just one cup.

Sharon said...

That was the best tea ever. But I really like the way you folded the text on those pages. great inspiration.

purple cucumbers folk art said...

Hi darling.just passing threw.come on over for a visite and see my front porch sale

Helle Greer said...

Jeg vil gerne ha opskriften paa en Napolions hat...
Rabarbar te lyder vel nok godt, det kunne jeg godt bruge her i Californien, specielt i dag hvor jeg har rigtigt ondt i halsen.
Hyggeligt at hilse paa dig.


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