Tuesday, March 6

Beautiful things makes me happy happy happy!

I'm a lucky lucky gal!! A very intelligent man in my life gave me this beautiful ring as a gift this morning. I have yearned and glared at it for a long time here but only showed him once!
Her ring came with a lovely little box with a green ribbon and her business card with pictures of her other creations. They will now hang on my fridge.
At the moment her shop is down, but do go over there and pay her a visit!

This is all the extra I go to the box, but go over to her fickr and see the pictures much better!
Here's the much talked about ring!
If I could, would wear it every day!

1 comment:

Abigail said...

I am just back from my holiday in Paris and am so delighted to hear you like the ring!!

...very good man to pick it up for you after just one mention!! He's a keeper ;))

Hope you enjoy wearing it!! xox


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