Wednesday, March 14

Some eye candy for you

Here's my little helper, Emil, when I was making the chunky book at my mothers. He helped me by throwing paper scraps on the floor and playing with my ribbons. He is so cute and I can't be mad at him?!

Even though I should be doing other things... I have found some really good links for you to visit.
For a while now, I have been thinking of using my crafting for a better cause, just by not consuming anything for a while would be a step in the right direction. On that note I have found this new blog Sew green, it has just started so if you want to follow a blog in the making and one that is already famous (Everyone is blogging about it now) Go and see this!
If you are Swedish and want to read a blog in Swedish go over and visit Jenny at Skaparhyllan. In her blog she creates beautiful things out of second hand stuff and she has a really good eye for design. She has also lately been talking about buying fair trade products, which I think is really good. I still have some other links to show you, but first I have to have time to check them out...

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Jenny said...

Vad roligt att se att du länkat till mig! Tack för tipset oms "sew green" det verkar vara en intressant blogg!


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