Thursday, March 1

A tilting lady and new jewellery

This is the latest batch from my ceramics course. I made a sculpture of a lady in a clay that has a gravelled finish and coloured her in an blue toned oxide. The jewellery and beads are made from a smother clay and coloured with something that reminds me of water colours! Next time I'll show you my latest clay pot which if everything goes as planed looks like an art work more than a pot. Monday nights are fun!

Beads, I can never have enough beads and hand made beads are extra fun! I have not yet decided what to make of these...
This is going to be a brooch. It has a Easter feeling too it, don't you think?
This is my first earring made from scratch! I made the hook big and it looks more "arty" this way...I think.
This is my tilting lady in blue. At first I didn't like how she turned out, she has not feet and the way she is tilting slightly annoyed me. But now I kind of like her defects and can appreciate the way she looks. ;-)

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