Sunday, March 25

From sad woods too Pippi!

It took me a long time come up with a Swedish theme for the around the world swap that I'm in.
I finished them today and I'm sending them off tomorrow, but that is how I usually work. Always in the last minute!
I had about 4-5 week to come up with five pages and from the beginning I thought of the Swedish nature, snow and old hand embroidered tapestries. But that was a bit far fetched and probably hard for a non Swede to understand. The fact that Spring is here made me want to do something more happy and colourful. So, when a friend talked about making a Pippi sweater for her daughter. I thought everyone knows Pippi! So, I changed the theme to Pippi Longstocking!
I loved her as a child and in many ways I'm still that child...

I used magazines from this winter for inspiration. This is a pretty "Swedish" picture and with that as inspiration...
...I made this page. I kind of like it but it feels like winter, depressing and sad and I wanted to make something happy!
So, I made this! A colourful Pippi apron on a graphic IKEA- fabric with a pic of Pippi and her horse.
Here they all are! They are being sent off to Los Angeles USA, Canada, Pasadena USA,
New Zealand and McKinney USA!


tyn said...

I hope I am the "Pasadena". I adhore Pippi Longstocking, and still her theme song from time to time. great pages!

Fifi LePew said...

oh, I must be the "McKinney" you're sending to! I really like the fabrics and I like being a child again with Pippi. I guess I never realized she was Swedish and if I did, I was too young to realize "Swedish" meant "Sweden." I lived in Seattle and there were a LOT of Swedish & Norwegian people there but I didn't know much about European geography.


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