Monday, March 12

My first chunky book

At the moment I'm in a new swap at flickr. This time the theme is to make a chunky book.
I didn't know anything about this before but it means that we are going to do paper collages pages and then put the pages together to a book. Hence the name chunky book...
The group is called Around the world swap which means that that pages have to reflect something from your own country. And it's here that my imagination is blocked!
What is Swedish?

So, instead of making pages for my swap I did a chunky book about a duck gong to the beach.
I found that it was really interesting to create a story without a text and only using the universal language of pictures!

The book isn't finished yet, so I'll have to show you the finished product in a couple of days!
And please, if you have any ideas for my around the world swap let me know! It has to be finished and sent on march 26...

Have a good day!

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