Tuesday, March 20

Ceramic Tuesday

As usual on Tuesdays I'll show you what have made in my ceramic course on Monday. This time I have my first flowerpot with me and a light holder.
Lately I have been throwing (this is apparently the English word for it!) clay, sitting at the potter's wheel and making crooked pots and plates and even a small jug to carry milk. It's fun and therapeutic! Just looking at the spinning lump of clay and how I'm making something with my hands that can be used as an everyday article , not only for decoration. It makes me poetic and philosophic and makes me think that I should have been a potter instead of a teacher.
The objects that I took with me home yesterday are not thrown, hopefully I'll see them next Tuesday. I have also signed up for a summer course in ceramic and then we'll go out on exhibitions and look at professional potterer and their work. Fun!

I'll make more pots so that when spring comes for real I'll have lots of beautiful pots to plant seeds in!

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