Wednesday, October 24

Ceramic Wednesday

This sad thing happened the other morning. I had made this swan couple in one of my ceramics classes. I thought two swans wound be a good symbol of eternal love and then they formed the shape of a heart when standing with their beaks together. Then yesterday morning I woke up and a book had fallen down and broke one of the swans neck... :-(
I guess super glue will solve all problems...

But as a good thing, my inspiration have partly come back to me in class. I have now started a series of pots but it will be a while before you'll see them here!

Have a lovely Wednesday!


Gunnels blog said...

Hej Cecilia!
Tack för de fina orden i min blogg! Ja, jag är nöjd med "boken", det var en väldigt bra kurs jag gick. Lärde mig mycket nytt, och fick igång grejer som jag länge tänkt göra :-)

Miss*Laurence said...

What a shame, I hope you managed to glue it back neatly.


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