Tuesday, October 16

Ceramic Tuesday

The first Ceramic Tuesday this fall! It's about time!:-) These pieces are in preparation for my itty bitty etsy opening in November (see now I can even say a date for the opening). I'm going to have a Christmas theme on my etsy and these are ceramic Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree or just in your home. They are in untraditional Christmas colours and I'm not to sure on how good they are going to sell. But there are more coming from the gingerbread/ceramic oven!;-)
I've lost my inspiration totally. Except for these gingerbread ornies I just sit there all empty! I made this leaf from looking at a leaf...and then I couldn't come up with anything...I'll just have to keep looking in magazines and blogs I guess. Do you have a suggestion on how to get inspired again? Anyway, this is a 12 cm big leaf to hang in a window or on the front door. It was really hard to photograph well because it kept moving (this is up against our fridge:-)

Three little piggies and some stars! The stars are not really black but more bronze coloured.
Anybody care for some blue gingerbread ladies to hang in their home? Blue could be a Christmas colour, couldn't?

Some blue ornaments and some lack of inspiration, that's all from me today!
And thank you for all the kind comments on my ATC's! You're the best!


Felicia said...

Your ornaments are terrific! Sometimes I go through a crafty slump where I just have no fresh ideas whatsoever. Thats when I try to go to new and different places that I don't normally frequent and try to surround myself with a different environment. That usually starts things flowing again :)

Miss*Laurence said...

I love the leaf. I think it is hard to create on demand. If you're on a roll then you haven't got enough time to do it all, but for something like Christmas you really need to be in the mood.

If you have some scrapbooks or doodles books, now is the time to have a look at them, and maybe even add to them, so that you don't feel that you are wasting materials. Or visit flickr and search anything- snow, pies, towers, sand, straw, lampshades, whatever you'll be hopping around and finding new stuff.

Or sometimes I find that being completely starved of creative materials in my hands (books, pens, paper, camera, internet etc) frustrates me so much that tons of ideas keep coming up!!!
See you soon!


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