Wednesday, October 17

A fall crown dressed in ivy

I made one of my crowns the other day, this time in a larger format. I thought it would look good to dress it up in green leafs from nature! So I did and I documented it to show you:

Steel wire, some appropriate leafs or branches or what ever you have in hand and cutting pliers.
I used a green steel wire to attach the branches.
I tried to look at it from different angles but still it didn't look good...
I'm redoing it with something else than ivy, I thought it looked too straggling? Moss will probably work better, with beads and a ribbon? I'll show it again when I'm pleased with the result!

Thanks for the ideas on getting my inspiration back. I'm spending a lot of time on flickr and found my old magazine clipping book and tomorrow I'm taking a long walk!That will be good both for my body and mind!:-)

Happy Wednesday!

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