Friday, October 5

Christmas ornaments

J is in London so as always when he's gone, I've been crafting a lot again! This time for a swap I'm in over at swap-bot: Christmas ornaments! I know there is still a few month before Christmas is here but this swap is for the end of October and I had to make five.
I had been thinking of this one for a long time, I wanted to make something old fashion but not too traditional. I found some vintage dish towels in a sturdy cotton and a grey linen fabric that was perfect for what I wanted to do. I made five different "Santa socks" or Christmas socks, i don't know what to call them...I really like how the turned out and are going to do them in a larger format to sell in my etsy. By the looks of it, my etsy is going to be up and running closer to Christmas!
The weather was really good today so I took some different pic's on them in my mothers garden. Here's the result:

I liked this picture the best, just randomly thrown into the laundry basket with the autumn sun shining on them!

Happy Saturday!


Mia said...

Vad lustigt. Sitter och kollar efter svenska medlemmar på Etsy och snubblade in hit, och ser att det var du som hade bordet bakom oss på loppisen. Jag satt och sneglade lite på din fina stickning då och önskade att jag också kunde sticka fint. :) Från Etsy och hit... världen är bra liten ibland. :D
Värsta söta julstrumporna också!

Miss*Laurence said...

love the Christmas stockings! Especially the last 2 pictures! you know every year I think "next year I'll start early and make something amazing"... maybe this year is the year.

Felicia said...

What cute Christmas socks!


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