Friday, October 12

The loveliest season of them all

Fall! I love this time of the year when it's still warm some days and the trees have the most beautiful colours! There is beauty everywhere, I can not walk or cycle somewhere with out stopping or regretting not stopping to bring something in with me. A chestnut still in it's shell, a leaf or an autumn flower!
This week I've been house sitting for my mother and since she has a garden and her house is close to a park I've been making some wreaths from chestnuts, moss and some flowers of the garden. I saved most of the pictures on my little brothers computer that's why I only have a few picture of my creations. But you can go over to my flickr if you would like to see more.

Today was my last day at the school where I have had my practical training now for four weeks. This means that my normal live of blogging can now start again. It has been four exhausting but fun weeks, I've made a lot of art with the children and writing and reading and lots more! All our work ended in an exhibition in the schools library today. I love being a teacher but I really have to get used to getting up early in the mornings...:-)
Since I'm updating you on my life I should also mention that we sold out place and are moving in December! This is probably going to affect my blogging in January and February but that's still far in the future!

Have a great Friday, I know I will :-)

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Anonymous said...

I love the wreath. It is killing me that you made it out of stuff from the yard.In my yard it would be a wreath of weeds and dead pine needles!!


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