Friday, October 26

Thingking of Christmas already?!

There is always a new group over at flickr that I have to be in! This time it's the FAA lucky parcel swaps! Here's the two parcels I've sent, a green one with fabric, ribbon, buttons and glitter and as a little extra the pencil with the wooden little guy. The other is the Christmas ornaments, here wrapped and ready to go out!

I'm planing Christmas gifts already and on top of that I crafting like crazy for the opening of my etsy next week. Therefore I don't have to much to show you yet. But I'm thinking of the blog all the time and I had an idea that when November starts I'm going to add a new little theme called Gift ideas for Christmas. Ones a week I'm going to post a tutorial of some kind showing how to make something easy and handmade for your friends and family this Christmas. It can also be nice and easy ideas on how to wrap the Christmas gift so they look even better:-) I dunno....Lots of thinking going on today...We'll see what happens!

Have a wonderful weekend

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