Thursday, November 13


I'm not so much a cooking kind a woman, that I leave up to my man. But on the other hand I like baking, preferable something sweet. But now and then something healthy sneaks into my repertoire. Here I have some nice food muffins made from spinach, chick-peas and carrots. They make the perfect lunch together with a salad!

8 1/2 dl wheat flour (or another kind of flour)
3 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoons of salt
3 eggs
3 dl water
1 1/2 dl natural yoghurt
1 dl olive oil
50 grams fresh spinach
1 big carrot
400 gram caned chick-peas
about 100 gram chopped cashew nuts on top

This makes for about 10 big or 20 smaller muffins. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Then whip the eggs, water, yoghurt and olive oil together. Mix the dry ingredients with the egg mixture and blend it all together until it's nice and smooth. Then you add the spinach, carrots and chick-peas. Add the mixture into the baking tins and sprinkle the cashew nuts on top!
Pop it into the oven for a about 30 min on 200 °C or 392 °F

This is my first time converting a recipe from Swedish to English and do tell if there is something you don't really understand!


r e b e c k a said...

Det låter jätegott, tror jag nog jag måste prova nån gång... :)

Karin said...

Yum! Måste definitivt prova att göra dessa i helgen! Passar perfekt som matlåda i skolan ju!

Catrin said...

Vad gott det låter! jag tycker alltid det ärroligt att testa nya recept och dessa läckra muffins måste man ju bara testa! kramelikram!


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