Wednesday, November 19

Black & white

Finally the living room is coming together! All that's missing now is something on the walls and curtains in the windows! But that is the easy part (and inexpensive). The theme for this room is black and white but I want to ad another colour to it too. I'm thinking aqua or lilac of some sort...
If you look closely you can see the little soft trees I've been making. You'll see more of those closer to Christmas
I've been busy with the black paint and painted this old table I've had in the basement for quite a while now. Isn't the shape of the table beautiful?
Since I had the black paint out I painted some IKEA frames to show off my ATC's a little better
This is how the hallway looks at the moment. Here too, black and white is the theme...

1 comment:

Karin said...

Vilket toppensätt att visa upp ATCs på! Ert hus är fantastiskt alltså - jag blir lite avis! :)


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