Tuesday, November 11

An unusual compliment

Once a week I go swimming and today was that day. (I figured it was ruined anyway since I had to work on my day off) Just after I got out of the pool and in to the shower I got to into a conversation with a little girl. She was about 3 or 4 and asked me all the usual questions like, if I had any children and if I liked ice cream. And the she stopped asking me questions and looked at me and said: You talk so nice! and then she walked away. That was such a nice and unexpected compliment! That conversation stopped me in my usual train of thought and really made me happy!
Today I would like to show you the second thing that is finished from my ceramics class this semester (yes, I'm slow this semester) It's a little bowl perfect for a candle, also made in the new porcelain clay. This bowl is made with a technique that's called the thumb technique. It's easy, you just create the shape you want with your fingers! The clay is so nice to work with and you can get really thin areas where the light shows through!

A see, I created my first ceramic post in a looong time!
happy Tuesday!


Babz said...

Happy Hump Day to you hehe!
How sweet of that little girl to say that to you! And your bowl is just awesome! :D

Catrin said...

Vilka fina skålar du har gjort! Är det på keramikkursen eller? De var jättefina när man hade ljus i dem, fick ett helt nytt utseende då. Håller med om att man blir glad över oväntade komplimanger, särskilt från de man inte känner. Flickan du pratade med verkade hur söt som helst. Visst har barn hur underbara , spontana komplimanger som helst? Kramar i massor

Karin said...

Jättefin lykta! Och vilken rolig komplimang, alltid trevligt att få sånna! :)


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