Sunday, November 9

Some reasons to why I didn't post so much this week:

1. Fika, I love the Swedish traditions to have coffee and something sweet and I guess we have it a lot...This time to celebrate Mårten gås! (This is supposed to resemble a goose:)
2. Our home looks like this! (view from the couch) We have so many project going on at the same time now and we never have time to finish them!
3. I had a migraine twice this week! I spent a lot of time on the couch with this little guy as comfort. Had to go home early from work one of the days...
4. We have ourself a new TV...and I've been looking at Pushing daisies! I love this TV show, it's the sweetest show I seen in a long time and I never wan it to stop! But TV takes up so much of the creative time....

But this week I'm back again and I'll even try to get back to some of you!!


Babz said...

Looks like Im not the only one with the busy life...and heres my comments to each of your busi-ness LOL.

1. looks like a one eyed alien peeping through its cocoon HAHA.

2. i painted this week so my bedroom is still a disaster since we haven't finished the doors

3. you poor baby! I hope your kitty boy kept you company! hehe.

4. nice new tv! I don't know that show you are talking about but it looks interesting I will have to check it out!

Now get back to creative things :p

r e b e c k a said...

I miss having "fika" sooo much! (in italian that word is pretty dirty, with a completely different meaning so I can't even use the word...) I mean, if you want to meet a friend in town and have a chat, an espresso that you finish in 5 sec. is just isn't enough. Not like sitting down for an hour with a huge cup of coffee and a pastry...

Havn't heard of Pushing Daisies but I need something to watch while I stitch so I'll download it right now I think! :)

Catrin said...

Hej Vännen! Fika är alltid gott och trevligt. Det kan man ju inte få för mycket av. Tråkigt och jobbigt med migrän. Själv har jag gått hem från jobbet idag för en envis förkylning som jag har dragit på mig. Hoppas att du snart mår bättre. Hälsa Jan! Kram kram


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