Wednesday, February 28

Tweed flower tutorial

Material: Fabric, templates in cardboard or some thick paper, buttons, yarns in different
colours, needle and thread and wadding.

1. Cut out the shape of a flower in the paper and cut a matching piece of the fabric. The fabric has to reach/ over lap the backside of the paper template.
2. Now you have to sew around the fabric and the template.
3. Put the wadding and the template inside the "pocket" and gather the fabric on the backside. The template is placed inside the flower as a "stabiliser".
4. Here's a picture of how I mean by gathering the fabric on the backside.
5. Sew the entire thing together and try to make it as flat as possible.
6. Now it's time to put the yarn in place by winding it around the flower. This is a picture of it from the backside.
7. This is how it looks from the front.
8. To finish the flower, place a matching button in the middle of the flower.
9. Now you can put a ribbon, hairpin, elastic ribbon or a safety pin to make a brooch. So that you can wear the flower in your hair, on your clothes or as an fun accessories on your bag.
Again, let me know if this tutorial doesn't work!
Have fun, and please send me a picture of your flower!

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