Tuesday, July 3

Ceramic Tuesday

Tired from working I don't have much new but some new pic of an old thing:-) I made four of these lanterns and gave one away. And I found a new use for two of them; a place to hold all my ribbons!
I also made some smaller things, this is a little flower to put in the flower pot, it can hold a small amount of water that the birds can drink from or you can use it for watering the plant with. I liked this so much that I think I'll make more of them in different sizes. I guess you'll see more of them in the future!

Tired from learning the names of 40 children in two days...I won't be posting much this week:-) But I'll be back next week when I'm more use to the chaotic days at the kindergarten!

1 comment:

Sara said...

snygga ljushållare!
Fest hos mej på lördag, ta med dej vem som helst å kom!! Puss


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