Monday, July 9

Sewing madness part I

I've been sewing like a crazy woman this weekend. The weather was cold and rainy and J wasn't in town, so what else to do than sew?! My creativity was about to burst and I could not sit still for five minutes I had to get these creations "out of me".
I have so much to show you that I'll post about it all in parts. The first part is about a bag I sewn for a friend (Caroline), she hasn't seen it yet but I hope she'll see it here and tell me if she likes it, or not!:-) I found an old skirt that I once used to love but had grown tired of, the fabric was really great, sturdy and perfect for a bag! I also got inspired from the use what you have challenge, to create out of something old.

I forgot to take a picture of the bag, but there it is cut into pieces!
I used the zipper from the skirt to make a pocket for a cell phone and the whole for the belt to make a nifty place to hang your keys!
To brighten the gray bag up a little I made one of my fabric flowers as a pin, this is removable...
And here the finished result can be seen!
Hope she'll like it, or I'll have to keep it for myself....:-)


Sara said...


Felicia said...

That is a truly fabulous bag! Your friend will love it :)

Anonymous said...

Jättefin och praktisk väska... jag älskar också tyg i den stilen och det materialet!! //Catrin

Caroline said...



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