Wednesday, July 4

My new Pipi- sweater!

Remember this? I finished my first sweater in a long time!!! Its not the most beautiful thing in the world but I made it and I like it. I call it a Pippi sweater because its not entirely symmetric or normal. One sleeve is slightly bigger than the other and on the front piece one side is wider than the other and this is a visible mistake! All in all, I'm making a new one from a pattern, starting this weekend...Maybe that one will be more aesthetic pleasing for the eye?

Hihi, here I am trying to get a picture of how the thing looks on!!
But its fitting for a preschool teacher, right?:-)


Felicia said...

Its adorable and looks good on you :)

Anonymous said...

Gud vad fräckt att du har stickat dig en egen tröja!! Jag tycker att det ser jättemysig ut att ha på sig!! gillar verkligen designen på den! //Catrin

Cecilia said...

Thank you, both! I really like wearing it at work and the children have given me many compliment on the colour!;-) They are so honest!


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