Monday, July 23

New life= new creations!

We know someone who had there first baby on the 18th this month and there is nothing so inspiring than to make something for a new little one! At first I just thought we should send a card congratulating the parents. But then I saw a book in the library on crafting for little ones and then I was sold on making these creatures! They can hang over the crib or where the baby can see it. I made it in felt and hand stitched all of it. They are easy to make and you can make them in all kind of shapes and forms!

A little baby bear for a little baby girl
Now all that's missing is the eyes, I thought the felt eyes where a bit scary and think I'll buy some plastic ones that moves!!
Here are some other examples on what creatures to make!


Anonymous said...

Nawwww vad gulligt! Tror jag ska sno denna idén och göra något liknande till mitt kusinbarn som är så bedårande söt!! men hur gör du(med "häng-saken")?? har du någon instruktion i någon bok som jag kanske kan låna??
ha det! //Catrin

Cecilia said...

Jag har lånat boken på biblioteket och den heter Välkommen baby, författare Gitte Schou Hansen. det var ävendär som jag fick ien till kortet!


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