Thursday, July 26

New Zealand always in my heart

I'm amazed. I love felting! In one of the many summer sales we bought some felting needles and now my mother and I are felting like crazy. All you need is some scraps of wool yarns and the needles appliqué some beads and then you can make yourself some felted brooches! I made three the same night as we bought it and now have them on my bag.

Felting is so much fun and easy!

On another not, last year we lived in New Zealand we just came home to Sweden in December after living there for a year. I still miss much about New Zealand and whenever I read something about NZ I go all nostalgic;-) That's why I was so happy about finding these posts over at whip up! NZ blogs I and II! Many of them are now added to my Goggle reader!


Felicia said...

I can't believe I've never tried needle felting. I even bought a little kit but have never opened it. Your designs are very cute!

Sara said...

..varför hör du aldrig av dej..det var alldeles för länge sen vi sågs (lalala) hmpfs..fest i helgen!

Anonymous said...

men vad fräsigt!! hur fungerar denna tekniken?? du har aldrig funderat på att ha en kurs med lite kompisar och lära oss olika saker?? man kan ju betala för msterialet?? //Catrin

Cecilia said...

Det hade egentligen varit väldigt kul att ha en kurs! Om du känner några som skulle vilja lära sig kanske vi kans svänga ihop något till hösten? Det hade varit ganska mysigt i höskrusket?!


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