Thursday, July 12

Sewing madness part III

It was Sunday and I had sewn two bags but I still had this urge to create more and there was all these lovely fabric scraps laying around on the floor. Out of the scraps I made a banner in pastel colours and a little case in a flower fabric I bought at a flea market. Non of the things are something I need or is going to use much but I just felt like sewing, so I did.

Its all crocked and badly sewn but I guess I can use it for something...
Really like this fabric, wish m mother had more of it but its something she bought years ago...
I loved making this! It was easy, just cut out triangular shapes out of fabric and sewed them onto a string; and finished! At the moment its hanging here and looking festive but I guess we can use it for birthdays!?
This was all for me this week. My youngest brother Adam, is turning 18 tomorrow on Friday the 13th!!! The whole family is going up to the much bloged about summer house and spending the weekend there. I'll be back with pic from that on Monday! Have great weekend!!!

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Felicia said...

Nothing better than taking a bunch of worthless scraps and turning them into little works of art. Love your little banner!

Happy Birthday to your brother Adam!


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