Wednesday, July 11

Sewing madness part II

This is my mothers crafting room where I spent most of the weekend! Today I'm going to show another bag I made, this one's for myself. Lately I've been crazy about making everything mosaic, like this and this. So, I wanted to try making a mosaic bag (patchwork) in my favourite colours beige, brown and white:
The good thing about crafting in my mothers room is that I always clean up after me, I never do that at home... That way, it's always fun to start again in the morning!
This bag is also embellished with a fabric flower
Here's the bag! I had really fun making this one, I made it up as I went a long. So the bag is not the best sewing work I have ever made but it looks pretty...
I love the lace and the colours and have worn this every day since I made it! I want to make more but I don't think I have the patience to make the same again. I hate making two of the same. It's always more fun to make something new....


Felicia said...

First of all, your mom has a great sewing space! Is that a real or stuffed cat sitting on that pillow?

Second, your bag is brilliant! I'm always amazed when folks turn out such lovely bags. Mine are usually very much off kilter LOL

Cecilia said...

No, it's a stuffed kiwi she bought in New Zealand! But you're right, it looks like a real cat!:-)

Anonymous said...

det är tydligen fler än jag som gillar väskor och gillar att byta! =) (din mamma sa alltid att ajg hade nya väskor... hade/har bara många på lager!!) men snygg väska och jag gillar att du sätter lite "ditt märke" med blomman!! //Catrin


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