Monday, September 3

I'm back!

I'm back, from what it feels like, a long blog vacation.

Today I had my first day of the semester at Uni for the last time. This is my last semester and then I'll be all grown and ready to go to work!!!(a bit scary) This is the beginning of something new and to celebrate that I've made some changes here on the blog. New colours, tags on every post and a little pic of me;-) This is me jumping on a gigantic trampoline at a place in Denmark we stayed in. O, I had fun!!
There are going to be some more changes as the time progresses but other than that I'm back to swapping and planing my etsy and just being creative. I'll have some more children's crafts and later into fall I'll start with ceramic Tuesday again. Here are some more pic from our vacation

I got to do some painting on the beach!
Everywhere you looked there was beauty like this!


Anonymous said...

Oj, har var det en del förändringar minsann... KUL!! //Catrin

Miss*Laurence said...

I did some painting on the beach too last week - I managed to keep a good record of some of the sky and sea colours, but i had to keep a lot of notes on what was going on as it was changing far too fast for me!


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