Wednesday, September 5

Sweater part I

This odd looking things is a sweater I've have been working on this vacation. It's also the first sweater I've made from a pattern!! (the second sweater in my whole life). Off course, I have not yet sewn it together....
This was a pattern that was perfect for a beginner as me and I liked how every piece is knitted together instead of sewn together! It looks more professional that way! The front piece is knitted in two long pieces, if you where wondering which is what here;-) I'm going to sew them together and make a V-neck.

In this picture the arms look uneven but I have counted the stitches and am sure that they are right...
This wonderful thing helped me count which row I was on but I can not for the life of me find the right name of it in English. In Swedish we call it a row counter? If anyone knows, please let me know?! The pattern is from a book we (my mother & I) bought early this summer and now I can't remember the name of it (It's at my mothers now) So, if anyone are interested in making this be sure to see part II of this sweater. I'll post a picture of the finished sweater and the book!

I'd better hurry up with finishing this up, because it is getting colder here!

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